We’ve got it covered…

Our product range includes gearboxes, motors, power transmission equipment, bearings, lubricants, seals and specialised belting from the worlds leading manufacturers including; BP, James Walker, Renold, SKF, Fuchs, ELF, Nadella, Britool, Megadyne, SEW, Silkolene, A&S Chain, Dodge/Reliance, IMO Jaguar, SMC Loctite, RHP and INA.

Our extensive product range and knowledge,as well as our 24 hour service and same day local delivery on stock items, enable us to get the products you need, when you need them.

Our product range includes the following;

Absorbent granules, Adhesives, Antifreeze, Anti vibration pads, Bearings, Belting, Bench Grinders, Bolts, Castors, Chain, Chain tensioners, Circlips, Conveyor Belting, Couplings, Degreasers, Drills, Electric motor, Fasteners, Filters, Gaskets, Gearboxes, Grease, Grinding disks, Hand Cleaner, Hand wheels, Hoses, Invertors, Jubilee clips, Keysteel, Linear bearings and shafting, Link belting, Lubricants, Mechanical seals, Motors, Oilite bushes, Oil seals, O-rings, Packing, Pneumatics, Pulleys, Rollerchain, Rubber sheeting, Sealants, Seals, Silversteel, Sprockets, Steel balls, Super glue, Tape, Taperlock bushes, Tico pads, Timing belts, Tools, Universal joints, U-seals, Valve Packings, Variable speed belts, V-belts, Zinc Fastenings…..and many more products.


If you require any specialist items, why not contact us, either by telephone, fax, email or use out and one of our sales staff will be happy to help.

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